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It is our mission to provide growth in value of funds entrusted to us by investors along with funds belonging to company owners and employees. Also, we aim to obtain positive rates of return over the long term, irrespective of current market situation.

Unique investment strategy which we implement successfully is based on two pillars – Private equity and Absolute return. We realize increase of the investment value due to increase in value of companies acquired within the portfolio, both listed equities and private companies.

TFI Capital Partners S.A. team is formed of professionals with long-term investment experience and successful track record. We have been working on the private equity and listed securities markets for dozens of years. Our approach to investment is always active and supported by profound financial and business knowledge.

Horyzont Non-Standardised Securitisation Closed -End Investment Fund

  • The fund does not conduct issues directed to the market




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ul.Królewska 16 St.
00-103 Warsaw

Email biurotfi@c-p. pl
Telephone + 48 22 330 69 00
Fax + 48 22 330 69 01

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